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18 Mar 2024

The art of finding the right talent for your accounting firm indeed calls for a multitude of insights and experiences that can’t be overlooked.

In fact, all your hard work can go out of the window, if you are not staffed accurately, making the accounting firm hiring process one of the most stressful arenas and a pain point for the organization.

  • In fact, as per AccountingToday, recruitment issues take up as much as 65% of the problems faced by accounting firms in present times.

The year ahead in numbers

Accounting in 2024: The year ahead in numbers | Accounting Today

However, despite these challenges, there are certain tips that you can keep in mind when you’re making your recruiting strategy.

Remember, it is not just about you being a candidate’s ideal firm, rather they ought to be your ideal candidate too, for creating the magic together!

Tips to Select the Right Candidate for Your Accounting Firm

Here is how you can headhunt the right talent for your accounting firm efficiently:

1. Be Clear About Your Firm's Goals

Even before you put posts across various digital platforms for a vacancy, it is imperative that you as a firm stay clear of your goals, objectives, and what you are essentially looking for in a candidate.

When you know what you want clearly, you can set expectations likewise, and even the applicant’s time will not be wasted if they are aware of the skillsets and other experiences you are looking for to fulfill your accounting firm’s needs.

2. Have a Transparent Interview Process

Another tip that you should invariably follow is to maintain a transparent interview process. This you can do by keeping clear communication, offering detailed job descriptions and by even offering constructive feedback.

When you do this, and create transparency throughout the interview process, the right candidates will be drawn to you and will even help you identify potential ones who are enthusiastic about the role posted.

3. Talk Clearly About the Job

While interviewing candidates for accounting roles, you should set the right expectations from the behest and hence, talk clearly about the job posted.

When a job posting is not ambiguous, only those candidates who possess such skills will apply for the position.

This way the unnecessary clutter is removed at the beginning, and you can be sure that you’re a step closer to finding the right match for your accounting firm that meets your job needs.

4. Assess the Candidate

Get an understanding of what specific challenges the candidate handled in the past, and how aware they are about the recent developments in the accounting industry when you assess the candidate.

You should also perform an accounting skills assessment apart from other skill identification to have better insight into what the candidate can perform in the long run.

Do not just stick to their qualifications or certifications and what appears on their CVs.

Apart from this, it is also recommended that you ask them about their ability to work with team members or regarding times they took the initiative and carried out the task on their own.

Read their body language too to ascertain their confidence during the interview.

5. Assign a Task

Nobody would say that they “suck” at the job they have applied for in the interview. Therefore, a pro tip is to always assign a relevant task that helps you dig into the candidate’s work patterns, expertise, and approach toward any problem.

Infact, according to a report, 74% of the candidates look for opportunities whereby they can showcase their expertise and talent to the employer, which indeed is a good option when you want to assess their performance and check if they make the right fit to your team.

6. Highlight Your Firm's Work Culture

You can attract the right candidate by explicitly highlighting your work environment and company culture on platforms where you have posted about the job opening.

Be upfront about your organization’s values, work policies, and team dynamics.

By doing this, even the candidates will get a clear understanding as to whether they should go for your company’s recruitment process and if your work culture matches their expectations.

7. Offer Learning and Training Programs

You can bring the right talent to your firm by offering them lucrative propositions such as learning and training programs.

Per one of the reports, 59% of millennials consider development opportunities a crucial factor to decide whether they should apply for a particular position.

As an accounting firm, you can leverage this opportunity and gain the right talent.

Also, when the potential candidates see what you as a firm can offer for their development at workplace, the ones who are likely invested in upgrading themselves and learning new things will come to you, giving you a chance to hire the cream team for your accounting firm.

8. Take Assistance from Recruiting Agencies

According to a report, the global staffing and recruitment market is projected to reach US $1778.29 billion by 2030 with a growing CAGR of 12.7% during 2022-2030.

The growth trajectory clearly states the importance of recruitment agencies and how businesses are relying on them to hire the right talent with required skills and expertise.

As an accounting firm, you too can select the right candidate by taking assistance from recruiting agencies since they possess immense knowledge about the job market.

The best part is that they will not just offer you access to potential candidates but can even provide advice on determining the apt candidate with the right qualifications.

9. Focus on Client Referral Program

Another way to have the best talents in your accounting firm is by focusing on client referral programs.

As such, you can motivate your employees to refer potential candidates for your accounting firm.

Since these referrals are based on some lucrative offers and incentives that the employees get if their referred candidate is hired, they will put forward those names whom they think will be a good fit for the firm.

Infact, according to 82% of employers, employee referrals proved to be their best return on investment above all other sources, which makes this program a good option for firms who are wishing to have the best minds onboard.

This way, you can hire the right talent for your accounting venture with the aid of your already known workforce who know how the organization works.

10. Have Patience

Finally, do not rush to fill the positions at your accounting firm, as you might end up hiring the wrong candidate.

Instead, have patience and take time to analyze the potential talents and assess their suitability in all ways.

Final Thoughts

The accounting firm recruitment process is no cakewalk. But with the aid of the right strategy, you can do away with the dilemma and hire the right talent for your accounting firm.

Although you may need to train them further and offer on-the-job experience, by following the tips stated, you can surely get a candidate who is quite close to your firm’s expectations.