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Infinity Globus is a leading global accounting company providing Finance and Accounting (F&A) Outsourcing services to accounting firms based in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, Our Finance and Accounting services implement standardized processes, offer greater transparency and control. We help Accountants, CPAs, and finance leaders to move beyond the conventional finance and bookkeeping functions. Our goal is to enable chartered accountants to take the leap from transactional to the strategic side of expanding the business.


Infinity Globus specializes in addressing the needs of accounting firms across the globe. Our end-to-end outsourced F&A and tax services are designed to help you navigate challenges and seize opportunities.


GDPR Compliant

Our GDPR compliant processes and controls ensure highest level of data protection.


Flexible Operational Models

Our operational Models follow the “Business Your Way” philosophy.


100% Data Security

Strong security systems and data protection policies.


Certified Team

Qualified Team


Clients Testimonials

Thank You for taking on this service for my company. I know it was a new venture but is so crucial to a tax-bookkeeping company like mine that it is a surprise at how professional you complete the task that it is not listed as one of our offerings, but I’m glad to have this as an arsenal of outsourcing through Infinity Globus.

Craig Carr
Business Owner, Tax Cap Business Services Inc

We have been working with Infinity Globus. They have good knowledge of software, and the communication between our teams on workflow planning and completion has been very professional. We have been very satisfied with the service from Infinity.

Chartered Accountants in Surrey
Managing Partner

I have been working with Infinity Globus. It is, therefore, a huge compliment to the team at Infinity that they are quickly becoming my ‘go-to’ provider. The service turns around prompt, accurate they have the desire to go the extra mile. I am delighted with the service I receive.

Leading Accounting Practice in Tring

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