Tailored Hiring Options

Keeping in view the unique requirements of an accounting firm, we have come up with a flexible hiring model that is essentially carved to suit your staffing needs.

Staffing for All Positions

Accounting Roles

Account Staff

Accounting staff members are adept at carrying out every essential as well as minuscule task aimed towards bringing consistent growth to you throughout.

Key Skills
  • Bookkeeping
  • Entering Transactions
  • Sales and Purchase Invoices
  • Bank Reconciliation
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Account Senior

Offering extensive services, our Accounts Senior is well-versed in handling all the challenges at large.

Key Skills
  • Accounting Finalization
  • Payroll Reconciliation
  • AR/AP Reconciliation
  • Depreciation
  • Payroll Compliance
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Account Supervisor

From carrying out effective reporting to reconciliation deliverables, the Supervisor can aid you in every quest you have.

Key Skills
  • Consolidated FS
  • Department/Location Wise Reporting
  • AR/AP Reconciliation
  • Compilation Work
  • Reviewed FS
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Account Manager

The Manager can supervise all the intricacies and offer effective solutions likewise.

Key Skills
  • FAS 109 Tax Provision and Tax Entries
  • Deferred Income/Expense
  • Team Management
  • Team’s work allotment & reporting
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Tax Roles

Tax Staff

A skilled member, the Tax Staff has a great understanding of income tax returns, and they efficiently carry out tasks delegated by seniors.

Key Skills
  • Basic Individual Tax Preparation
  • Basic Business Tax Preparation
  • Basic Trust Tax Preparation
  • Basic Exempt Organization Tax Preparation
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Tax Senior

Tax Seniors effectively handle complex tax preparation with minimum supervision and carry out various engagements simultaneously.

Key Skills
  • Complex Tax Preparation
  • Consolidated Tax Returns, Gift and Estate Tax Returns
  • Multi-State Taxation Preparation
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Tax Supervisor

The Tax Supervisor oversees the tasks carried out and aids in tax planning and its preparation.

Key Skills
  • Complex Tax Preparation 
  • Tax Planning & Tax Research 
  • Foreign Partnership (Form 8865) and Foreign Trusts (Form 3520) 
  • Foreign Forms like Form 5471, Form 5472, Form 1116, Form 2555, etc 
  • Foreign Corporation (Form 1120-F)
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Tax Manager

Tax Manager brings a lot of knowledge and expertise related to the taxation field while also maintaining relationships with clients.

Key Skills
  • Dedicated Tax Review
  • Team Management
  • Team’s work allotment & reporting
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Audit Roles

Audit Staff

Audit Staff carries out various tasks related to assurance procedures while reviewing and auditing at the same time.

Key Skills
  • Functions to check the accuracy of accounting systems and procedures
  • Verify and inspect accounts receivable and payable ledgers and general ledger for its accuracy
  • Check, inspect, and reconcile bank deposits and payments
  • Check and verify accounting books and records are in conformity with industry practices and corporate policies
  • All other basic work assigned by the supervisor
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Audit Senior

Audit Senior manages and oversees the ongoing projects and even plans, directs, and conducts audits.

Key Skills
  • Collaborate with the audit manager to determine audit objectives, scope, and timelines, perform a risk assessment, and design Audit procedure and audit plan
  • Perform substantive testing and control testing to evaluate the effectiveness of internal control
  • Document Audit procedures, findings, and conclusions in work papers
  • Review financial statements and ensure compliance with Accounting standards
  • Communicate audit progress, issues, and recommendations to the audit manager
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Audit Supervisor

The Audit supervisor assesses the various tasks of the accounting systems and makes sure that compliance is maintained throughout.

Key Skills
  • Review, assess, and recommend changes in accounting systems and controls of a business unit.
  • Review and recommend changes in internal audit controls.
  • Preparation and presentation as well as review of financial statement as per required financial framework.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines and generally accepted auditing standards.
  • Support the planning, execution, and delivery of assurance engagements
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Audit Manager

The Audit Manager maintains a healthy client relationship and supervises the work carried out for the client.

Key Skills
  • Manage audit assignments and timely execution of work
  • Adhere the work done by the audit team is proper and up-to-the-mark
  • Does the bird’s eye review equivalate to the partner’s review?
  • Adhere to documentation as meets the requirements of peer review standards
  • Recognize potential audit issues or unusual relationships from basic analysis of the financial statements and communicate them to the assurance team
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