Infinity Globus’ Seamless Client Onboarding Artistry


At Infinity Globus, we have a set process pertaining to how we work and provide deliverables to our clientele across the globe.
Our significant procedure encompasses-

01. No Obligation Call & NDNC Agreement

  • Step-1

    Initiate a no-obligation call with our experts to gain a comprehensive understanding of our offshoring process and how we operate. Discussing your requirements in this call will allow us to suggest the engagement model that best suits your needs.

  • Step-2

    Signing an NDNC agreement for the confidentiality of our engagement followed by a no-obligation interview process. You are not obliged to hire any candidate unless you feel 100% confident and satisfied with the talent presented to you.

  • Step-3

    Move forward with a no-obligation interview procedure at the given stage.

02. Profile Reviewing

  • Step-1

    In the next few days, we will be on a hunt to find the apt profile(s) to be presented for your review. Once through with the review session, you can lend us a preferred time slot on which the interview can be scheduled.

  • Step-2

    It may sometimes happen that the requisite skills or roles might not be readily available within our network. In cases like these, we will devote additional effort and time to extract talents for you that are specifically aimed to meet your requirements.

  • Step-3

    After receiving a hiring request, there exist three steps leading to the matchmaking:-

    • We are in possession of an apt candidate who can be considered immediately.
    • Our database encompasses potential talent, but they have yet not been critically evaluated. After the required scrutiny, we will inform you of the profile(s) at hand.
    • If we are devoid of the existing match in our present network, there would be a proactive approach on our part to extract suitable candidates for you in the least possible time frame.

03. Interview and Assessment

Interview the chosen candidate and share your feedback. You can carry out the interview more than once. Our team is observed beforehand on Communication skills, and Technical and Time zone compatibility that minimizes the chance of wrong hiring.

Assessments – If you think that the talent provided should take up an additional assessment for you to better judge their potential, you can come forward with the test, and the candidate will complete the same.

04. Selection & IT Set up

  • Step-1

    Selection Process – Once the interview is carried out, meticulously note the talent’s performance and qualifications. Consider their experience, skill set, suitability, and cultural fit for the given role. On the basis of the assessment done, choose the apt candidate.

  • Step-2

    Confirmation and IT Setup – Once you are done with the selection, confirm your acceptance, and we will put forward the staff confirmation along with the signed paperwork. Following your acceptance, move ahead with the required IT setup and access. For IT setup, we prefer to connect to your system via secure VPN, so that the resource can work on your secure server, and nothing leaves your environment. Our IT team will assist you in this process. Make sure that there exists a flawless onboarding process that enables the chosen talent to execute the duties smoothly.

05. Onboarding

The onboarding process encompasses the following:

  • Step-1

    Manager/ Supervisor Involvement – With the commencement of the onboarding process, the offshore staff members would be duly trained and aided by your manager. Our supervisors will be offering support and guidance throughout so that the talent can easily adapt to the given role.

  • Step-2

    Training and Knowledge Dissemination – The offshore team will be undergoing varied training activities, which might include participating in various live sessions or watching training videos. These activities would be conducted by your team which will aid the members in gaining an in-depth understanding of their responsibilities.

  • Step-3

    Insights into Processes and Client Tasks – It is crucial for the offshore team to be well-versed in the processes and strategies followed in the client’s firm. This includes gaining a clear understanding of the client’s task they will be handling.

  • Step-4

    Consistent Review and Feedback – At the behest of the onboarding session, consistent review meetings followed by feedback are to be conducted which will help in identifying the offshore team’s progress, and their areas of improvement. The feedback is also important to aid them in gaining a good grasp of their responsibilities at hand.

    With the help of a structured onboarding procedure, the offshore staff will be better enabled to adapt to their roles without any hassles and will be nicely equipped to contribute effectively to the organization’s growth.

06. Handling and Forming Offshore Team

We are proud to be your Co-corroborating, Co-instructing, and Co-tackling partner throughout your offshoring process. The relentless assistance extended by our Accounts Management team will further help you in managing and expanding your offshore team, no matter if it is related to training, workflow management, or any such domains.

Replacement or Cancellation

There is always a scope for you to replace the staff members at any point in time. In an untoward situation, whereby you do not require the talent anymore or are faced with any other challenges, you can cancel the ties and let them go. In any situation, we extend a 2-month notice period at all times.

As such, per the level of talent required, it takes approx. 2 to 3 weeks to have the talent onboard.

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