We offer outsourced tax and accounting services that are aimed to save time for you to grow your business exponentially. Driven by dedication and zeal to offer exemplary services to you, we are here to take care of any concern that might arise related to our deliverables.

Answering all your quests and queries is our prime focus and we strive to bring clarity to you with our comprehensive FAQs that encompass crucial questions related to our services.

By definition, outsourcing refers to collaborating with an individual or a team outside of your organisation in order to carry out a certain set of business activities.

In reference to an accounting firm, it has to do with partnering with an external team of experts to assist you with business procedures that either lie outside of your core business operations; or are too time-consuming and could use an expert’s touch.

At Infinity Globus, we strive towards maximum client satisfaction and ease of operation. We have a tried and tested process in place for all our clients. The first step of the process involves a thorough need identification, building up on that we suggest the most appropriate engagement model for your needs. Moving on, you are assigned with the specific team required for the task. We also facilitate smooth on-boarding and set-up procedures for the client at no added cost.

At Infinity Globus, we understand that each client will have different needs, and to cater to each of our client in the best possible manner we have a host of engagement models to choose from depending on your needs such as

  • Full-time engagement model (140 hours per month)
  • Half-time engagement model (70 hours per month)
  • Ad hoc engagement model (No obligation)

Based on these models, clients can choose to work with Accounting, bookkeeping, taxation experts. We also provide engagement models depending on the clients’ specific needs.


The costs involved in partnering with an outsourced accounting team depends on multiple factors such as specific requirements, engagement models and more. That being said, outsourced professionals can be as much as 60-70% cost-effective as compared to an in-house team.

At Infinity Globus, you can pay in a method most convenient to you such as a direct transfer to our bank account, bill.com, credit cards etc.


We understand that uninterrupted communication is a key element whilst working with teams across borders. At Infinity Globus, our teams are accessible through all the usual mediums such as email, phone, Skype/ Zoom.

We believe in an output oriented philosophy, hence each team is assigned with a manager who is responsible for monitoring daily, weekly and monthly performance. Subsequently, the client is also free to implement any performance review methodology that works best for the client.

We understand that in this day and age, technology holds paramount importance for accountants. With respect to that, we are equipped with the most up-to-date IT infrastructure. We use internationally renowned software tools required to best suit client needs. Our professionals are extensively trained and proficient in working with software tools such as Xero, Quickbooks, and NETSUITE etc.

Data security is crucial to an accountant and we fully understand that at Infinity Globus. We manage all our data using highly secure cloud-based servers, thereby ensuring maximum data security. Our professional will only request data that is required to complete the assigned tasks. Once the task is completed the data is cleared from our systems permanently. In addition to that, we are an ISO 9001-2008 as well as ISO 27001 certified organisation.

At Infinity Globus, we understand that no two accounting firms are the same. Our years of experience and expertise allows us to work across diverse sectors. We have been providing consistent accounting excellence to CPA firms operating within industries such as Automotive, Restaurants and Hospitality, Healthcare etc.

At Infinity Globus, we believe are employees to be the driving force behind the growth of our business. In order to sustain the same, we dedicate substantial amount of time and energy in up-skilling our teams.

Time is a crucial element when it comes to accounting and financial procedures as there are strict timelines to be followed. At Infinity Globus, we boast an average turnaround time of 24 hours. Of course the timelines are mutually co-ordinated and depend on the nature of the work.

We have a team of highly experienced CPAs, EAs, CAs and US Tax & Accounting professionals.

The key benefit of working with a team that operates in a different geography is that of the time-zone difference. This ensures increased working efficiency thereby driving business growth.

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