Why Choose Infinity Globus As Your Outsourcing Partner?

At Infinity Globus we are committed to not only providing you with the exemplary service that you deserve but also aiming towards building a long-term relationship built on trust and values.

As such, we are dedicated to offering you with –

Tailored Services Excellence

  • Strives to provide its clients with exceptional services that meet their unique needs.
  • ISO 9001-2008 certified firm for the best Quality Management System for each of the deliverables offered.
  • ISO 27001-2013 certified firm for the best systems of Information Security Measures in the industry.
  • Adheres to the most standard procedures for maintaining service quality.

Timely Service Deliveries

  • Prompt services that fulfill your expectations.
  • Systematic processes aimed at ensuring on-time services to you.

Tailor-Made Operational Systems

  • Understands client’s unique needs and customizes systems and processes to bring optimal results by all means.
  • A strong onboarding process that sheds clarity on what your needs are, further leading to tailored services that meet your requisites.
  • Scope to put forward your ideal work method that fulfills the requirements of your books of accounts as well as the Finance and tax department.

Top-Notch Domain Mastery

  • Exceptionally experienced and qualified financial experts, adept in offering industry-centric accounting, payroll, and taxation services.
  • Skilled and in line with the latest legislative modifications and ongoing industry trends.

Trusted Data Security Measures

  • Stringent non-disclosure and non-compete agreements with employees to maintain confidentiality at all levels.
  • Data destruction once the work gets completed irrespective of whether the information is in physical form or electronic format.
  • Restricted access to the server room with only IT members authorized to enter the designated area. This access is further authorized only with an access card.
  • Password-protected computers with every user given a password that gets changed compulsorily every 42 days.
Want to know more about data security policies?

Thorough GDPR Compliance

  • A certified GDPR-compliant firm, adhering to strict protocols pertaining to data security.
  • Utilizing extremely sophisticated software, hardware, and relevant servers, ensuring complete financial information security.
  • A fully functional data security policy in place addressing physical and IT-oriented security concerns.

Tremendously Scalable Offerings

  • Flexible engagement models for businesses with the flexibility to amplify up resources during peak activities and to scale down the same when the requirement gets over.

Total Customer Satisfaction

  • A solid customer engagement model that aids in creating long-term relationships with our customer base.
  • An accessible round-the-clock team addressing and resolving every issue at hand.
  • Giving priority to client feedback and regularly reviewing the mechanism to ensure that the client requirement is met, and the deliverable quality is maintained.

Tech-Driven Innovations

  • Adopting and adapting to new technologies with the evolving times, thus, providing high-quality services to you on time with the best tools in the industry.

Total Solution Convenience

  • A significant global outsourcing accounting firm offering a plethora of services ranging from accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, and category-centric skilled remote staffing solutions to its clients.
  • Do you opine that investing extra time in non-core financial tasks is restricting your business growth?
  • Are you investing unnecessary time worrying about the accounting and payroll paperwork that adds to your overall burden?
  • Are you looking for ideal strategic and tailored Financial, Accounting, and Remote Staffing Solutions?

Well, your quest finds an answer here. Infinity Globus is your perfect outsourcing partner that understands your requirements in all ways.

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