Ahead of the Curve 7 Key Outsourcing Trends for CPA Firms in 2024
Infinity Globus
21 Sep 2023

As the accounting industry evolves, CPA firms face growing challenges and opportunities. Once considered a cost-saving approach, outsourcing has transformed into a strategic decision to gain a competitive advantage, access specialized expertise, and improve client services. In 2024, several key trends will shape the outsourcing landscape for CPA firms. This article explores these outsourcing trends and provides insights on how CPA firms can capitalize on them for success.

1. Rise of Virtual CFO Services

The rising demand for Virtual CFO (Chief Financial Officer) services is one of the most evident trends in outsourcing for CPA firms. Small and medium-sized firms, in particular, are looking for financial expertise without incurring the cost of a full-time, in-house CFO. CPA firms are capitalizing on this trend by providing Virtual CFO services, which include strategic financial guidance, budgeting, forecasting, and risk management

2. Advanced Technology Integration

The integration of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data analytics will be a game changer for CPA firms in 2024. These technologies are being used by outsourcing partners to automate regular tasks such as data entry, transaction processing, and report preparation. This allows CPA firms to focus on value-added services such as financial analysis, tax planning, and advisory.

As mentioned by Grand View Research, the global robotic process automation market size was valued at USD 2.3 billion in 2022 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 39.9% from 2023 to 2030.

Image Source: grandviewresearch.com

3. Global Talent Pool

Access to a worldwide talent pool is still a significant benefit of outsourcing. CPA firms will increasingly collaborate with offshore teams in 2024 to access specialized expertise at a reduced cost. This trend extends beyond standard services to include complex areas such as international tax compliance, cybersecurity, and forensic accounting.

4. Client-Centric Service Delivery

Client expectations are evolving, and to keep up with this, CPA firms must adapt to provide a seamless and client-centric experience. Outsourcing partners are playing a pivotal role in achieving this by enabling firms to provide 24/7 support, real-time reporting, and increased data protection. Firms that leverage outsourcing to improve client service are more likely to retain existing clients and attract new ones.

As per the report by Microsoft, globally, 59% of people have higher expectations for customer service compared to a year ago.

5. Cybersecurity and Data Protection

CPA firms are prioritizing cybersecurity and data protection as cyber threats continue to grow. Outsourcing partners are investing a lot in robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive financial information. Firms are partnering with providers who strictly follow security protocols, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and client trust.

6. Scalability and Flexibility

The flexibility to scale up or down operations as needed has become essential. Outsourcing allows CPA firms to adapt to changing workloads, seasonal needs, or unforeseen circumstances. This flexibility not only improves efficiency but also helps manage costs effectively.

7. Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability is emerging as a center of attention for CPA firms. Outsourcing partners are adopting eco-friendly practices, from lowering paper usage to reducing carbon footprints associated with data centers. CPA firms that collaborate with outsourcing providers who are more concerned about the environment can boost their own sustainability efforts.

CPA firms that collaborate with outsourcing providers who are more concerned about the environment can boost their own sustainability efforts.

In 2024, the outsourcing landscape for CPA firms will be defined by innovation and adaptability. As firms strive to remain competitive and provide unparalleled client service, outsourcing trends such as Virtual CFO services, advanced technology integration, and global talent collaboration are set to shape the industry’s future. Embracing these outsourcing trends for CPA firms strategically can position them for growth and success in the emerging accounting landscape.

If you are a CPA firm considering outsourcing, you must consider the following things:

  • Carefully select your providers: It is important to carefully select your outsourcing provider to ensure that they have the skills, experience, and expertise to fulfill your requirements.
  • Manage the outsourcing relationship: It is important to effectively manage the outsourcing relationship to ensure its success. This includes setting clear expectations, communicating on a regular basis, and providing timely feedback.
  • Be prepared for challenges: You might encounter some challenges with outsourcing, such as cultural differences and language barriers. However, these challenges can be overcome with proper planning and execution.
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