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In this edition, we have discussed the 6 biggest mistakes made by new CPA firms and how to overcome that, why outsourced accounting is the growth engine for CPA firms and how you can manage work-life balance during busy tax seasons. We are sending these newsletters to communicate the newly-added industry updates, share ongoing initiatives, and try to help you overcome challenges your firm might face.

CPA & Accounting Firms: 6 Tactics for Better Work-Life Balance (During Tax Seasons)

We have officially bid farewell to our vacations and seized the tax season bull by the horns. The energies are high at first, but how long can everyone endure before succumbing to burnout?

After all, it is not a matter of a few days, but of a few months! While all firms operate on a year-round basis, the volume of work accomplished during tax season is unmatched.

Some of you may be able to disconnect from everything except taxes until April 18th, but still, we believe that a work-life balance should always be maintained, even more so on the busiest of days.

Consider implementing one or more of these six ways to simplify and enjoy your work. After all, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is critical for employee retention.

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