This edition features articles on what CPA and accounting firms should learn at the end of tax season and whether outsourcing accounting is a smart move for big CPA and accounting firms. We are also coming up with The Washington National Tax Roundtable Insights Symposium later this month.

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End of Tax Season

What Should CPA & Accounting Firms Learn at the End of Tax Season?

As tax season comes to an end, CPAs and accounting firms can exhale a sigh of relief that the busiest time of year is over.

However, it is not yet time to kick back and relax. Instead, now is a perfect time for firms to reflect on what they have learned and how it can improve for the next tax season.

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Outsourcing Accounting

Is Outsourcing Accounting a Smart Move for Big CPA and Accounting Firms?

Outsourcing accounting services has become an increasingly popular option for accounting firms of all sizes, including big firms. Let’s understand how it helps to Big Accounting and CPA Firms.

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Upcoming Event

The Washington National Tax Roundtable Insights Symposium

Please join us for our Washington National Tax Roundtable Insights Symposium on Thursday, May 18th from 11:00 AM EDT – 12:00 PM EDT as we host a highly dynamic and informative panel discussion to gain valuable insights into the Great Resignation, the Great Consolidation, the continuing and emerging trends driving merger mania across the nation amongst accounting firms of all sizes, and much more.