Shlomi Golan

I love working with you!!!! Your team has been very professional, courteous, and prompt in helping me handle the workload of my firm. Resolving many special and complex tasks that are beneficial to my firm.

Jonathan Convery, CPA, MBA
Owner of Convery Tax & Accounting

Learning about new clients and the way they have their accounting can be tricky but Team Infinity Globus has been a quick learner and has taken over tasks entirely which has reduced our training time and workload. Utilizing Infinity Globus has free our accounting staff of 40 hours of data to focus more on client relationships and development which has been a win-win for our clients & us.

Craig Carr
Business Owner, Tax Cap Business Services Inc

Thank you for taking on tax & bookkeeping service for my company. I know it was a new venture but is so crucial to Tax-Bookkeeping company like mine that it is a surprise at how professional you complete the task that it is not listed as one of our offerings, but am glad to have this as an arsenal of outsourcing through Infinity Globus.

Chartered Accountants in Surrey
Managing Partner

We have been working with Infinity Globus. They have good knowledge of software, and the communication between our teams on workflow planning and completion has been very professional. We have been very satisfied with the service from Infinity.

Leading Accounting Practice in Tring

I have been working with Infinity Globus. It is, therefore, a huge compliment to the team at Infinity that they are quickly becoming my ‘go-to’ provider. The service turns around prompt, accurate they have the desire to go the extra mile. I am delighted with the service I receive.

Outsource Forensic Accounting Services for CPAs, EAs and Accountants

Has accounting fraud shifted your client’s attention away from your company’s core operations? As a business, do your clients have concerns about the integrity of their financial reporting and accounting practises? To protect their assets and reputation, as well as minimise the impact on their business, are you looking for ways to do so? If yes, then this is the right place for you.

Since its inception, Infinity Globus has grown to become one of the world’s leading Outsourced Forensic Accounting Firm. Embezzlement has a negative impact on four out of every five companies, according to some research. Forensic accountants are needed in this situation. If you suspect something is amiss in your clients’ business, Infinity Globus’ experts can investigate and gather evidence to clear up any misinformation or suspicions. 

Accounting is one of the key components in measuring and tracking a company’s performance. A company’s records are kept complete by reliable accountants and bookkeepers. But, as an investor, do you think recording transactions is enough to grow a business? No?

It is critical to recognise that any accounting error will result in a liability for a client’s company. Now it’s up to senior management to keep their records or corporate books. Have you ever tried to evaluate or inspect these books? If not, it is the time to go on to the next level in forensic accounting. This guide will explain forensic accounting and why you should outsource it to gain valuable business insights.

Why choose the best Forensic Accounting companies?

The application and use of accounting abilities to investigate and analyse company records in order to ascertain critical information for use in legal procedures is referred to as forensic accounting. A forensic accountant who possesses specific analytical and investigative abilities and is certified as a forensic accountant has the authority to conduct pertinent tasks during business hours.

Now, when it comes to the processes to be completed, there are a variety of approaches that a trained forensic accountant might employ to complete the necessary tasks.

By now, you’ve realised that forensic accounting is a difficult undertaking that requires proper maintenance. There are a variety of reasons why company executives prefer to outsource forensic accounting chores to professionals. Let us examine them.

Why Choose Infinity Globus Forensic Accounting Services?

1. More Accurate Accounting of Business Books:
Accountants with experience are well-versed in the preparation of business books. When you outsource forensic accounting and consulting services to competent professionals, they will conduct the most thorough examination of your business data. This evaluation will assist you in organizing your books in a professional manner, allowing you to easily access various sorts of business data such as creditors, debtors, and monthly costs at any time.

2. Establishes a Clear Path for Company Audits:
Once your accounting and bookkeeping records are in order, the auditing procedure becomes simple. A simple and straightforward audit process will assist you in achieving a high ranking in the audit report, thereby enhancing the company’s goodwill in the eyes of the auditor and the government.

3. Taxation:
Any discrepancy in the business records may become apparent during the tax filing or VAT return filing process. The forensic accountant can assist you in organizing your business records while bearing in mind the tax proceedings.

4. Conduct Extensive Due Diligence on All Potential Business Aspects:
When it comes to inspection, there is a likelihood that your organization would examine additional factors such as interviewing personnel and digging out old business records. Thus, by incorporating forensic accounting, we can state that you will have a better understanding of potential business pitfalls.

5. Capable of Exposing Loopholes with Ease:
As the term “forensic accounting” implies, the forensic accountant will assist you in comprehending the wrongdoings that exist in your business’s accounts. This will assist you in organizing your business records and preventing future blunders.

6. Simplifies Business Processes:
Once the inquiry is complete, a forensic accountant will assist you in comprehending the ideal findings and optimizing the entire operations accordingly. This procedure will assist you in removing unwanted recordings. Additionally, you will be informed of any internal politics.

We can claim that if the things described above align with your business, it will thrive naturally. Do you have any questions on who to contact? However, do not be concerned! Your response is directly underneath.

Infinity Globus Forensic Accounting services

Our team addresses any head spinning needs of your business through a holistic approach combined with unmatched knowledge of the marketplace in which we operate. Our Forensic Accounting protects your assets by integrating globally accepted forensic accounting procedures. The following is a list of our specialized services:

  • Conducting (Discreet) Forensic Accounting
  • Delivering Crisp Forensic Accounting Reports with supporting documents, audit trails, proofs, people involved (if any)
  • Identifying gaps in the processes & systems at the client, which could have prevented the fraud
  • Suggesting corrective measures to put in place a preventive system, so as to avoid recurrence
  • Walk the client’s attorney through the findings, should the client wish to pursue the perpetrators legally

Unearth infinite success possibilities with Infinity Globus!

  • Best Forensic Accounting outsourced services
  • Team of qualified professionals
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  • Customized solutions

If you like to outsource forensic accounting services at your organization, please contact our specialists. Contact us immediately—we'd be happy to assist you.

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