Shlomi Golan

I love working with you!!!! Your team has been very professional, courteous, and prompt in helping me handle the workload of my firm. Resolving many special and complex tasks that are beneficial to my firm.

Jonathan Convery, CPA, MBA
Owner of Convery Tax & Accounting

Learning about new clients and the way they have their accounting can be tricky but Team Infinity Globus has been a quick learner and has taken over tasks entirely which has reduced our training time and workload. Utilizing Infinity Globus has free our accounting staff of 40 hours of data to focus more on client relationships and development which has been a win-win for our clients & us.

Craig Carr
Business Owner, Tax Cap Business Services Inc

Thank you for taking on tax & bookkeeping service for my company. I know it was a new venture but is so crucial to Tax-Bookkeeping company like mine that it is a surprise at how professional you complete the task that it is not listed as one of our offerings, but am glad to have this as an arsenal of outsourcing through Infinity Globus.

Chartered Accountants in Surrey
Managing Partner

We have been working with Infinity Globus. They have good knowledge of software, and the communication between our teams on workflow planning and completion has been very professional. We have been very satisfied with the service from Infinity.

Leading Accounting Practice in Tring

I have been working with Infinity Globus. It is, therefore, a huge compliment to the team at Infinity that they are quickly becoming my ‘go-to’ provider. The service turns around prompt, accurate they have the desire to go the extra mile. I am delighted with the service I receive.

Outsource Back Years Tax Filing

In any event, if you did not file your tax return by the deadline, you should do so as soon as possible. You can file your taxes afterwards with some deft support. Infinity Globus assists individuals, and business ventures save time on back-office chores, such as filing their taxes. Thus, we enable them to spend more time on their crucial operations. We cater to the Accounting Firms and CPAs in the USA with their tax, accounting, and finance outsourcing necessities. Our team realizes that filing past years’ taxes is a difficult process.

For tax preparation, you must be aware of detailed nuances, new developments, and possible deductions. If you are perplexed by the ever-changing environment of tax regulations, we can assist you with individual and corporate tax planning. We have the best-in-class professionals who are well-versed in income tax return filing requisites. Our team can work with you to handle tax complexities and answer your questions about how to file back taxes without much stress.

In 2020-21, we’ve all learned how to do things differently. If you want to achieve cost-efficient and quality-oriented operations, outsourcing tax preparation can prove gainful. Many business ventures have managed to stay afloat with the assistance of outsourcing companies such as Infinity Globus. CPA practitioners and accounting concerns can rely on the supporting services of outsourcers to address their accounting and tax preparation requirements.

Back years tax filing needs greater attention to details, and the veterans at Infinity Globus are acquainted with the same. Our staff enables you to make the most out of IRS and government schemes such as the Streamlined Procedures and Amnesty Programs to optimize your past tax compliance. Don’t keep on mulling over the task.

Here are the Benefits of outsourcing the task of filing past years' taxes

Expedite team for filing back years taxes

When you outsource your tax filing requisites to tax preparation outsourcing company, you find an entire bunch of tax masters and professionals within your reach. These people put their brains to carve out the best possible road map to file your taxes smoothly.

Reduced Outlay

How to file past taxes for your client at a competent professional charge? Outsource the task of filing past years taxes to the top outsourcing firms. If you create alliances with outsourcing companies based in Asian nations such as India, you shall reap the reward of lower costs of operations.

Prevention of penalties

When you duly manage to file back taxes online with professional support, you stand a much lower chance to pay huge penalties. Outsourcing the tax filing needs can help you avoid the instances of paying heavy late fees and penal charge.

The Process to file Back Taxes Online

Gather your tax documents

Remove the dust from those old tax documents from the past. If you need a copy of something, file the 4506-T form with the IRS. You will need the W-2s or form 1099s you received to report your income for the relevant financial years. If you qualify for deductions and credits, you must also collect any receipts or other supporting documentation that proves your eligibility.

Request Missing Documentation

If you don’t have any of your tax records from the previous ten years, you can get a copy from the IRS by submitting Form 4506-T, Request for Transcript of Tax Return.

Download and file past year IRS tax forms.

Infinity Globus answers the question of how to file back taxes online. You must always file your past tax returns on the original forms for each tax year. You may always look for the forms on the IRS website, but for faster access, you should adopt much more sophisticated tax preparation software. Our team can help you with access to the latest tax software systems.

Prepare your tax returns for the past year.

You cannot use instructions from the current tax year to complete the past year’s tax forms.

Submit / Mail your forms.

When you have completed your prior year’s returns, please submit them to the IRS at the address provided in the Form 1040 instructions. Your refunds, if any, will get processed in a few weeks.

Why choose Infinity Globus and take the benefit of filing your past year's taxes with us?

Infinity Globus caters to the Accounting Firms and CPAs in the USA with their tax, accounting, and finance outsourcing. It has a strong system that is concerned with accuracy, quality tax outsourcing, and prompt actions. We drastically decrease your costs, prevent unnecessary tax returns, and make it look like a simple business. You can focus on business growth during hectic tax seasons since we can handle numerical background work with simplicity and speed.

People frequently ask, “How do I file back taxes?” Infinity Globus has your back and can help. If you do not file your original tax return, we may submit a replacement return on your behalf. We will provide you with top-notch specialists in the field, stand by your side, and ensure that all paperwork is in order and compact. Our tax preparation services firm operates in your best interests and prioritizes everything from large refunds to minor tax bills.

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Standardization of processes

We promise a standardized tax planning procedure that increases productivity and makes back tax filing a viable option for you. Furthermore, we stabilize your enterprise by taking on numerous duties that you may utilize to expand your firm.

Consultation by an Expert

Our experts recognize the uniqueness of your company and its requirements. The Infinity Globus team evaluates your problems and develops customized solutions. With years of business expertise and a thorough grasp of the subject, our specialists will be able to assist you. They guide you throughout the complete process and give a forum for all of your questions and concerns.

Cost Effective

For most businesses, cost is the most important determining factor. Infinity Globus allows you to submit back taxes online at one of the most affordable rates on the market. As a result, you can be stay assured that our firm will provide you with excellent services at a fair price. We have already established the standard for delivering excellent outcomes at an affordable rate. As a result, we manage your expenditure and growth without straining your basic financial resources

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