With our exceptional accounting and bookkeeping services we have emerged as an industry leader in the world of accounting. This has been possible owing to our specialist approach and policies like:

3T's Pyramid Policy


Our team comprises of highly focused and qualified accountants who are always updated with latest regulatory changes and industry trends.


We always adhere to our core values of integrity, accountability and trust at any cost.


We are always at par with the cutting-edge technology trends in the accounting industry.

3C's Pyramid Policy

Core Focus

We provide remote staffing solution services and support commoditized services like accountant services, bookkeeping services and tax services which allow ACCA Firms, CPA Firms, Bookkeeping Firms and EA Firms to completely focus on consultancy services and business expansion rather than investing precious time on non-core activities. This is the key growth accelerator for any Firm.


Being a global service provider, we ensure that our team is accessible 24/7 to support our clients.


We have always fulfilled our promises of delivering on time every time.

Choosing the right accounting and financial solutions provider is not easy. The selection is done depending on the evaluation of many factors like the accounting company’s present clientele, previous work experience, and trust. Another significant factor is the right structure of work followed by the company. At Infinity, we have defined a set of strategies that assure the quality of services is always consistent along with meeting deadlines. The stages of work which we follow are as mentioned below:

Requirement Analysis

We have a robust on-boarding process which involves thoroughly understanding the client business and structure. Our goal is to provide customized solutions to businesses. Once the client needs are identified, we evaluate the best solutions which can be implemented to suit their needs.

Detailed Documentation

We follow a strong documentation process which involves drafting a comprehensive proposal as well as implementation plan of the transition from client’s existing process and system to the new system.

Customized CRM

We have designed and implemented an in-house CRM to keep real time track of the progress of our work. This helps us plan our strategies for on time delivery of quality services.

Independent QA

We have an independent Quality and Assurance Department to ensure the expectation and timelines of firms are met. Our qualified professionals do detailed evaluation of every accounting, bookkeeping and tax jobs with respect to quality of services and deliverables. We also maintain strong documentation in support of our QA endorsement. We keep improving our processes to achieve the highest level qualitative deliverables.

Exclusive IT Team

We have an exclusive in-house IT and development department with trained professionals in technology. We are well-versed with all the accounting software tools available worldwide.

Intensive Training

We provide intensive training to the offline team as well as the on-shore team for the smooth functioning of the new systems. Appropriate communication protocols between both the teams are defined to facilitate a harmonious collaboration and working environment.

Impeccable Service Level Agreements

We believe in transparency and our contracts with our clients reflect the same. We define strong Service Level Agreements

(SLAs) with the clients that include all the aspects of our services, cost as well as the timeline of the project.


When you partner with Infinity Globus, you can be assured of 100% data privacy and protection. We have powerful data protection compliance rules in place such that the security of data can never be breached. We follow standard data protection practices and we are a certified GDPR compliant company.