Mid-Year Accounting Trends Town Hall Meeting

The accounting profession continues to evolve with daunting challenges and exciting opportunities. With labor shortages accelerating in America fueled by large-scale retirements from the baby boomer generation and simply not enough newly minted accounting graduates going into the profession, the profession struggles with the next steps to properly grow and prosper. Are you ready to adapt to change and establish yourself as an industry pioneer? It’s time to debrief on where we are now and where we’re going. Our panelists will take an in-depth look at pivotal trends that transpired over the first six months of 2022 along with projections for the second half of 2022 and beyond. This insightful program will cover the trends affecting the Accounting Industry—the context in which they emerged, the impact they’ll have, and precisely what you should be doing today to capitalize on them tomorrow.

Please join our virtual Mid-Year Accounting Trends Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, August 10th from 2:00 PM EDT–3:00 PM EDT for a highly interactive panel discussion with an emphasis on:

• CPA Firm Mega-Mergers, Combinations, Acquisitions, and Dispositions
• CPA Firm Succession Planning to mitigate the Baby Boomer Bubble
• Large-Scale PE Funding expected for many of the TOP 100 Accounting Firms
• Best Practices to mitigate Staffing Shortages in America
• The Global Outsourcing Solution
• The Digital Transformation of Specialty Tax Incentives to streamline the rendering of Cost Segregation Studies, R&D Tax Credit Studies, Employee Retention Tax Credit Studies, and more with end-to-end software solutions.


10 Aug 22


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Infinity Globus


Infinity Globus


  • Allan Koltin
    Allan Koltin
    CEO, The Koltin Consulting Group

    Allan specializes in working with accounting firms in the areas of practice growth, practice management, human capital, and mergers & acquisitions. Allan knows what it takes to move your business forward. Allan has made the prestigious Accounting Today “Top 100 Most Influential People in the Profession” list for over 20 consecutive years and for the past decade Allan has been voted a “TOP 25 Thought Leader” by CPA Practice Advisor. Allan has also been voted the “Top 10 Most Recommended Consultants” for approximately 20 consecutive years by Inside Public Accounting.

  • Amit Patel
    Amit Patel
    Managing Director, Infinity Globus

    Amit is widely regarded as the pioneer of US taxation in India. He has more than two decades of US taxation experience which covers almost everything one can think of, and an equally diverse multiple industry experience.

  • Dominic Vitucci
    Dominic Vitucci
    CEO, SPRX Technologies

    Dominic is the Founder and CEO at SPRX Technologies, Inc., the leading end-to-end software solution to identify, gather, and document sustainable R&D tax credit studies.

  • Kevin Marshall
    Kevin Marshall
    Founder and President @Profitopia

    Kevin is the Founder and CEO of Profitopia and has created an innovative end-to-end software solution to identify, gather, and document Employee Retention Tax Credits. Kevin is the author of Tax Credits Are Sexy: What Every Organization Needs to Know About the Employee Retention Credit.

  • Mark Andrus
    Mark Andrus
    CRO, SPRX Technologies

    Mark is a retired partner at Grant Thornton and currently serves as the Chief Revenue Officer at SPRX Technologies, Inc., the leading end-to-end software solution to identify, gather, and document sustainable R&D tax credit studies.

  • Peter J. Scalise
    Peter J. Scalise
    Chairman and Program Moderator, The Washington National Tax Roundtable

    Peter has approximately 30 years of progressive CPA firm experience developing, managing, and leading large-scale tax advisory practices on a regional, national, and global level. Peter serves on both the board of directors and board of editors for the American Society of Tax Professionals (“ASTP”) and is the founding president and chairman of both the North-eastern Region Tax Roundtable and the Washington National Tax Roundtable, operating divisions of ASTP.

  • Richard Bourgault
    Richard Bourgault
    Founder, SegStream LLC

    Richard founded SegStream as an end-to-end software solution to identify, gather, and document sustainable Cost Segregation studies. In 2017, after having completed Cost Segregation studies for more than a decade and having worked in roles including software user experience and software product management, Richard founded SegStream to tackle the software problems that had haunted him since his first run-ins with those infamous Excel models. After completing initial product development, with a sole focus on professional Cost Segregation engineers, Richard pivoted SegStream toward the creation of the very first Cost Segregation Automation software, specifically designing it to be useful for Accountants and Specialty Tax Professionals.

  • Vivek Shah
    Vivek Shah
    Managing Partner, Infinity Globus

    Vivek is a licensed CPA and has worked for over 20 years with some of the leading accounting firms and their clients throughout North America, Europe, and Asia to meet their co-sourcing and outsourcing needs.